Sean Moss-Pultz is the co-founder and CEO of Bitmark a startup working to extend traditional property rights to the modern day by creating tools that recognize people as the sources and owners of their own digital assets and data. His passion is in developing technology for consumer electronics and Internet services, especially blockchain related projects. Prior to Bitmark, he was a senior executive for EMQ, a financial technology startup. Recognized as a pioneer of open-source hardware, Sean launched and was CEO of Openmoko, the first open-source phone and a precursor to iPhone and Android smartphones. He holds bachelor’s degrees in mathematics and physics from UC San Diego.

Sean is available to speak on blockchain, privacy, and digital property.

Sean Moss-Pultz 是新創公司 Bitmark 的 CEO 與共同創辦人,公司願景是將傳統產權的概念加以延伸於當代,打造工具確立數位資產與數據的來源與持有者。Sean 對發展消費電子與網路服務的科技充滿熱情,尤其是區塊鏈相關的專案。在 Bitmark 之前,他擔任金融科技新創公司 EMQ 的高階經理人。Sean 也被公認為開放源碼硬體的先驅,創立 Openmoko 並擔任 CEO(Openmoko 是第一款開放原始碼手機,更早於 iPhone 與 Android 智慧手機)。他畢業於加州大學聖地牙哥分校,主修數學與物理。